Taylor and Dunns

Dip your palette in the waters and dishes of tangy and spicy flavors to savor the different cuisines of joy.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Pour your favorite wine as you are served a wide range of flavors on the platters of delicacies. Bite into the different tastes of the world with the variety of dishes on the eclectic menu.

Eat. Drink. Love.

Have fun at the well-lit halls as you make a toast for your dear ones by the table of wonderful, tasty offerings. Share your love for everyone as you pass on the dishes combining the flavors of life.


Your grub hub

Get your favorite foods delivered to your doorstep, and enjoy the perks of those flavors with every order.

Hasty and tasty

Sink your teeth into all the special items on our menu. Order your favorites right away to get them served in no time.

Fresh Staters

Add a touch of freshness to your meal with the drinks and starters that elevate the taste of the delicacies.

Focus on the food

Good Mood Food

Take the mood of the day to a whole new level by ordering the best dishes on our menu of varieties.

Good Time, Great Taste

Make the most of your day at the diner with the dishes that add more flavor to each moment of your life.


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This is the perfect place to start munching on a new set of dishes as it offers different cuisines.

James J. Geist

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You can get a taste of various countries’ favorites at the tables in these massive halls of strong aromas.

Shirley J. Stubbs

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Anyone who wants to be served an extensive range of dishes will get superior quality offerings here.

Timothy L. Hendrix

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